Want To Be A Marco Marco Model?

Have you been dreaming of walking the Runway for Marco Marco? Are you an experienced underwear model, fierce Drag Queen, prolific gender bender or a passionate newbie who just knows you've got what it takes to make a splash in our colorful world? Well we absolutely love and support everyone with a flame for fashion and want to hear from you!

   We take an incredible amount of pride in not being a typical fashion show. We see beauty in all people and through open eyes. We want to create an environment that celebrates all body types, gender identities and ferocities. If you have an unstoppable attitude and can stomp the runway like nobody else; then YES! WE WANT YOU! We LIVE for confidence, originality and attitude! You see, Vickie's not the only one with something up her sleeve...here at Marco Marco we have a secret too and it's you.

   Typically, we do 2 shows a year. One in February or March which is normally held in a city outside of our hometown of LA and utilizing the talent that we find in that city.  Our October show is always our main event, a huge spectacular in Los Angeles meant to blow stereotypes out of the water. Aside from the shows.. We have campaign photoshoots every month as well. As you may know... we are an underwear company and we sell all around the world, but our fashion shows are about more than just presenting the looks that we are about to release. They are about shining a bright fabulous light on the world we have grown to love, one that is literally swimming with diversity and talent.  And we don't just show underwear either.  What you may not know is that Marco Marco has been around for 15 years designing custom clothing for the entertainment industry. Remember Katy Perry's Cupcake bra? Fergie's Victoria's Secret Outfit or Britney Spears Las Vegas Show costumes ?  That was us!  And our team works hard to create out of this world garments that represent all walks of life, all colors and a full gender spectrum, because art and fashion are about life and life is more diverse than anyone could ever imagine, and becoming more diverse every day.
   So you wanna be in our show? Or be shot in a campaign? Or just come and shoot the shit with us at our studio? Get some photo's together where we can see what you bring to the table. Not some bathroom selfie or hole pick...We get enough of those on Grindr...  We want to see you! As you are or as you see yourself! If you're more interested in walking in our fashion show then get the pics together AND take a video of your fiercest runway walk. Wanna shoot some undies?  Take pics in undies.  Wanna give face? Give us face!  It's up to you, until you send it, then it's up to us! And remember, you'll never know until you try.

    Send these items to Model@MarcoMarco.net Once we receive them you will receive an email letting you know that they are being entered in to our database.
   We absolutely love getting your emails with photos and take pride in knowing that you guys love us enough to want to be involved.
Hope to see you soon!

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