Three Steps You Can Take to Boost Booty Confidence

Sometimes you have to marvel at the world we live in. The ever changing face of fashion and health move the goalposts every year. One year you have to feel terrible if you don’t have the calves of a marathon cyclist. The next year, you’re doing handstand push-ups trying to define your neck muscles. Your. Neck. Muscles. This year, and for the last few years, it’s all been about the booty. Those of us carrying some junk in the trunk get to rejoice, but to everyone on either side of that perfect booty curve, things have been hard. If you’ve been down in the dumps because of your rump, don’t stress. These three steps will have you proud to back that thing up.

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  1. Dress to impress

There’s no need to stress about having the perfect body when the right clothes will give the impression that you have the perfect body. Everyone--even models--uses the right cut in the right color to boost confidence and look amazing. To make your booty pop, opt for a bright color underwear. Briefs or a thong are going to give you the most lift and shaping, and really draw the eye where you want it to go. 

If you’ve got a little too much jiggle in your wiggle, just reverse the first advice. Black is always slimming, so opt for something darker with some lighter piping for contrast and shape. Don’t go loose, however. Boxers are going to be like draping your booty in a big sweater. No one can see your curves, but it makes you look thicker, not slimmer.


  1. Tackle an unsatisfactory butt at the source

There’s a hard truth here: if you want a juicy booty, you’ve got to s-q-a-t for it. Squats work your lower back and glutes. Plump, bulky glutes lead to a strong butt that stops traffic. You don’t have to become a squat-a-holic just to see some results. If you’re not currently working your glutes, just a little effort will help you see results. It’s also easier to feel good about a “problem area” if you know that you’re working on it… even if that workout is a token effort to shut up your inner critic. Whatever works, works.

  1. Don’t stress

The best thing to do to boost confidence is to let go of fear. Another hard truth? People probably don’t think about your caboose as often as you do. Also, confidence is the new sexy. The next time you want to hang back on the dance floor because you don’t have anything to pop and lock, don’t. Shake that thing. Laugh. Smile. Take a picture over your shoulder in a bathroom mirror. If your butt’s holding up your legs, it’s doing its job. Rock it. 

Maybe, one day, the Era of the Booty will end and we’ll all move on to obsessing over some other bodily feature. Let’s hope it’s something easier to maintain, like clean, well shaped nails. Until that day, however, boost confidence the best way there is. Dress well, make some fitness progress, and stop letting fear hold you back. Shake it like a polaroid picture.


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