Start Your Makeover from The Underwear Up

No look stays fresh forever. Sooner or later you wake up and realize your standard go-to for the past three years is two years out of date. Oops. Makeovers also happen when you change your job, get out of a relationship, or suddenly discover your life’s purpose and can only properly express this interior change by throwing out all your clothes and starting over. Whatever the reason you have to chuck your current look out the window, you should begin your total makeover with your underwear. This small, affordable change can change your shape and your mindset.


Designer Mens Underwear | Stas Vokman Photography | Marco Marco

Underwear can change your whole shape

The right underwear can totally change your shape. While baggy pants are a style choice you could make, most styles call for something perfectly tailored about the rump. From skinny jeans to business slacks, you need to find clothes that showcase your assets to the best light. You can only really get this when you’re wearing fresh, fitted underwear. As underwear wears out, it starts to sag and slide. It becomes more prominent under clothes, meaning you have to size up or change your style if you want to look great. Opt for fresh underwear in the style that you intend to wear most of the time (since most men don’t shift back and forth between boxers and briefs, for example) and use that to build your style. You’ll know what you’re actually going to look like under your new clothes.


 Designer Mens Underwear | Stas Vokman Photography | Marco Marco

Underwear can change your mindset

Wearing underwear that fits well and showcases how you really look is great for your body and your mind. Sometimes, when you need to shed your old identity and embrace the new you, the most important thing is to make a change that makes you feel good. Getting good, high quality underwear can really change the way you think about yourself. You become someone who cares about your comfort and how you look. You’re someone who decided to make a change and is working on it. This brings us to the last point: switching up your underwear is an affordable makeover step.



Designer Mens Underwear | Stas Vokman Photography | Marco Marco

Make the affordable switch

If you can go ahead and throw out your clothes, replacing your entire wardrobe with one swipe of your credit card, congratulations! Feel free to skip this paragraph. For the rest of us, though, a makeover is a slow and deliberate process. You wear your clothes until they’re worn out, and you replace them with choice items in your new style as your budget allows. It’s a normal, gradual shift that’s not as satisfying as making a huge change right away. If you need a change, but can’t afford to torch your closet, switch up your underwear. High quality underwear is affordable, fashionable, and makes you feel like a new man. Get it now and rock the new you (remaining wardrobe pieces arriving over the next six months.)


When you need a makeover, start with your underwear. You wouldn’t build on a poor foundation. Don’t choose your new style based on underwear that doesn’t make you look your best. When you need to feel like you’ve made a change, choose underwear. It’s affordable and makes you feel like a new man.


Photography by: @stas_vokman

Model: @krasovsky1

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