Five Reasons to Add Color to Your Underwear Drawer

Colorful underwear is on trend right now. If you need more reasons to shakeup your wardrobe and go bold, look no further. From “why not?” to “gotta pop”, there are five great reasons to add color to your underwear drawer.


  1. Shake up your wardrobe 

New underwear, new you. If that new underwear is made with crisp lines and bold color, you just might be in luck! There’s no easier way to shake up your wardrobe without really risking a lot. Maybe you won’t turn out to be a plum kind of guy, but until you try it out you’ll never know. If you’re in a rut, even the small changes can lead up to breaking free.

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  1. Stand out from the crowd

Fashion these days is heating it up. It’s not too risqué to let a little peek of underwear sneak out every now and then. If you’re going to the right parties, you could even be showing off a little more. If you want to make a fashionable impression and stand out from the crowd, choose colorful underwear. It’s an effortless way of putting everyone’s attention right where you want it.

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  1. The placebo effect is powerful

The placebo effect is a wonderful thing. It can help you heal because you really believe you are healing. You can see it in action any day of the week. Just find your horoscope online and read it, first thing in the morning. By the end of the day you’ll have encountered the kinds of things the horoscope talked about—because reading it caused you to view your experiences in a certain light. You can also put the placebo effect to work for you. Tell yourself that you’re more confident when you wear your bright red underwear, and happier when you put on your blue ones. It sounds silly, but as long as you don’t take it too far this is an effective means of boosting your mood or speaking up at the office. Just don’t take it too far—it’s no magic wand.


  1. Effortless help with laundry habits

If you’re a perfectly clean man who never, ever lets his laundry pile up, go ahead and skip to the next section. Nothing to see here. Now, for the rest of us, it’s time to be real. Pretty much everyone had that two-month stint in college where we bought underwear instead of doing laundry, and reused some garments that should not have been. Sue us, right? We were young. However, if you don’t develop these habits early, they can be tougher to pick up than you think. Old dogs and new tricks. Colorful underwear will help you create a visual log of what you have and haven’t worn this week—and makes it harder for you to reuse without a wash cycle.

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  1. Why not go bold

At the end of the day, colorful underwear cost the same as boring black or white. It comes in the same styles. For the same investment as your usual pair of underwear, you could get colorful underwear and really live it up. Why not?


Colorful underwear can help you build a good laundry habit or shake up your routine. You can use the placebo effect to make your life better, and stand out from the crowd. Colorful underwear offers a big payoff for a small risk, so ask yourself: why not?

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