Comfort Review: Razor Jockstrap by Marco Marco

Marco Marco’s Razor jockstrap looks amazing. Let’s just put it out there: sleek design and brightly colored pouch make this a hot jockstrap. The real question, however, is whether or not it’s a comfortable jockstrap. Looking great is great, but feeling great all day and still hitting the clubs at night is a whole other issue. Can the Razor keep comfort all day long?


Wide band for comfort

The first step to a comfortable jockstrap is the band. It’s got to do a lot of heavy lifting. Narrow bands put too much pressure on a narrow part of the body. They can pinch and dig in, creating new problems where there weren’t any before. If a narrow band does avoid gripping like it’s going to slice your torso in half, it could go too far the other way. A sagging jockstrap is unsightly and pointless. The Razor’s wide band allows it to grip tightly for support all day without it digging, pinching, or making you constantly adjust it up or down by degrees so you don’t get sore.


Booty band for security

The Razor jockstrap can keep a firm grip on you in part because of the stabilizing booty band. Made of similarly soft, wide material as the waistband, this keeps everything firmly in place. It distributes the weight and pull so the jockstrap can move with you. Whether you’re busting out reps at the gym or shaking it on the dance floor, the two bands give you support without hampering your mobility. That’s a win-win, and still keeps this jock comfortable.

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Soft fabric

Razor’s brilliant, brightly colored fabric is easy to see at fifty paces. It’s also some of the softest, most comfortable fabric ever made into a jockstrap. The secret is the blend of fibers. 18% spandex allows this comfortable jockstrap to bend, move, twist, stretch, and tango with you all day long without losing it’s supporting snap. The rest of the material (82% polyester) is just there to be soft, pretty, and comfortable. That’s all it needs to do.

 Designer Mens Underwear | #MarcoMarco

Breathability closes the deal

Jockstraps do the most with the least. They provide amazing support and comfort while still using less fabric than your average pair of briefs. Less really is more, when the equation is “less fabric” to “more breathability”. Airflow over your skin cools you down, wicks away any sweat that’s built up, and keeps you comfortable for longer.


Marco Marco’s Razor jockstrap is a comfortable jockstrap. It combines the best of fabric technology and design to create something flexible, supportive, breathable, and beautiful. You don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort for style anymore. Whether you want to wear the Razor to workout or work on your moves, it can keep up with whatever you have to do today. By the time you slip them off at night, you’ll be glad you wore your comfortable jockstrap: the Razor, by Marco Marco.

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