4 Favorite Murray Swanby Marco Marco Moments

With a rabid social media following, Murray Swanby has definitely proven that he's one of the very top gay underwear models in the world. This is why it's not surprising at all that he's recently linked up with the best mens underwear designer in the game—none other than Marco Marco. This is bound to be one of the best collaborations of all time; these two are at the top of their respective games and they have the pics to prove it.

One of the most recent epic Murray Swanby and Marco Marco mens underwear moments involves Swanby, some reading material and sexy glasses. In this classic shot, Swanby perfectly combines nerd glamour with his muscular body. Although many male models in underwear are uploading their pics to Instagram these days, very few of them can get away with the kind of bold looks that Swanby pulls off so effortlessly. One could even argue that some of his shots redefine what is possible with gay underwear.

In one of his Marco Marco Instagram photos, Swanby takes to the runway wearing boxer briefs that feature a color-block design. For the centerpiece, Marco Marco chose to embellish the red part with glitter. The daring design also features suspenders that wrap around Swanby's neck. It's a look that one would expect to find in a modern Helmut Newton shot, and Murray Swanby is able to pull it off better than any other gay underwear model in the business.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Swanby's meteoric rise within the industry. Whether this model is rocking a jockstrap or a suit, he's bound to turn heads. With this kind of clout, it's no wonder Marco Marco is sending him custom designs. Followers of Swanby's Instagram account nearly went wild when he posted a photo of himself wearing see-through boxer briefs. As always, the photo highlights Swanby's impressive physique, albeit in a more casual setting than the runway. 

In yet another epic Marco Marco shot, Swanby wears a pink jockstrap that shows off his body. Putting other male models in underwear to shame, Swanby attracted a great deal of positive comments from his followers. With these kinds of reactions to Swanby's photos, it seems like Marco Marco will continue to make him custom underwear whenever he wants!

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