Trans Actor Jake Graf in Marco Marco

Writer and actor Jake Graf is fresh off the success of the movie The Danish Girl and sporting Marco Marco mens underwear along with an impressive tattoo on his left shoulder. The London-born transgender actor and writer is an inspiration for young filmmakers and the LGBTQ community. His debut film chronicled his transition from female to male and highlighted the obstacles faced by trans men.

Graf's short indie film Brace debuted in 2014. In it, he tackled the issues of homophobia and transphobia. Directed by Sophy Holland and Alicya Eyo, the movie sheds light the relationships between the queer community and the public. With Graf in one of the lead roles, it also explores the importance of honesty in relationships. Like Graf's previous short films, Brace was shot on a shoestring budget.

Ironically, in The Danish Girl, he plays a cis-gender character named Henri, the friend of an art dealer. Graf believes that all characters, whether written as trans or cisgender, should be portrayed by the best actor for the role, regardless of their gender. He is not among those who are critical of the casting of cisgender Eddie Redmayne as the lead inThe Danish Girl.

Photo by Flash Avenue Studio

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